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Did The CIA Bump Off Mother Angelica?

Written by on November 20, 2022

Part One Original

Part One On Rumble

Part One On Odysee

Part Two Original

Part Two On Rumble

Part Two On Odysee

We will look at her life on Wikipedia

We will talk about how she fought and defended the Faith and her numerous battles, which made her a target.

Then we will talk about the man who worked as Director Of Communications For The Bishop Conference who threatened her.

Who is Richard Hirsch: See Article 1 and 2

Who Hirsch worked for while with the Bishops: Vision Interfaith Satellite Network

We can also tie Roger Cardinal Mahony to the CIA Network Of Bishops and Mafia Saint Gallen.

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Note From Br. Alexis: “Br. Bugnolo misspoke, when he said Cardinal Mahoney, when referring to Pope Benedict’s disciplining of Cardinal McCarrick”

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