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In this program, we will look at the Church’s Official Teaching in regards to converts and why they made to wait a long time before even being allowed to teach or speak on the Catholic Faith.  When did that end and who ended it?

Why is it now these Converts spew misinformation and think they are better than us Cradle Catholics?

We Will Discuss The Brand New Chapter 30: Lilly and The Americans Recruit Catholics

Edward P. Lilly was G-15 Ranked Planning Officer For The Psychological Bureau Services (aka National Psychological Strategy Board, Who Created This Recruitment and Create Fake Converts To The Catholic Church & Assign Them To Take Over Catholic Nations, Which We Now Know, This Includes Catholic Organizations & Media At Home in America Too.

Why Does The CIA, NSA, Homeland Security Recruit These People To Convert and Be Their Assets or Agents?

Should Anything Be Done About This?


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