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Month: November 2020

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Today, while waiting for my video to be finished on Bitchute and when it was finished: It had our cover photo and the video looked like this: Then a British Voice. It proves we are over the target area, when I did my solo 1 hour program on Operation Gladio in Argentina, the video was […]

Watch On Odysee Listen On Mixcloud Watch On Bitchute Watch On Rumble Their Will Be Done Martin A. Lee 1983 April 1981 P2 List CIA Ties With Ex-Nazis Shown CIA Organized Secret Army In Western Europe NATOs_secret_armies Click Book Cover To Get A Copy   Support OMC Radio TV Image From Freepik Background photo created […]

Please WATCH and SHARE All Our Programs Support The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser Support Our Immediate Need For Equipment Support Our Server Upgrade    WATCH THE ORIGINAL   WATCH ON RUMBLE Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Program On Odysee   Watch The Program On Bitchute   See Yesterday’s Censorship and Trying To Stop Today’s Program  […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Program On YouTube Watch The Program On Bitchute See what Antifa/BLM did on Saturday Night DC: Antifa and BLM rob and vandalize a black man’s MAGA merch pop up shop pic.twitter.com/skGLvTPv2l — Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) November 15, 2020 Antifa in DC are preparing for sunset with their […]

Listen To Today’s Program On Mixcloud Watch Today’s Program On YouTube Watch Today’s Program On Bitchute Armenia/Artsakh Armenians getting ears cut off by Azerbaijani Terrorists For Not Leaving Artsakh هر خبرگزاری ایرانی باید این فیلم را ببیند که در آن سربازان آذربایجانی گوش غیرنظامی ارمنی را می برند. این جنایت جنگی است. #آذربایجان #قره_باغ #ارمنستان […]

Thursday We will look at another book by Antony C. Sutton, Wall Street and FDR; to get the book in PDF version, click link below Antony Sutton – Wall Street and FDR (1975) To Get A Paperback Version, Click Image Below To Donate To Ordo Militaris Radio TV 1. Address Check To Ordo Militaris Inc […]

It is time to learn about the man from Argentina and who millions call Pope Francis. There are new details about him in a book we will use, that he is connected to the CIA Operation Gladio. Is Jorge Bergoglio A Spy?

First Set Of Shows On The Battle Of Khotyn Listen On Mixcloud Watch On YouTube Watch On Bitchute POLISH INDEPENDENCE MARCH SHOW Listen On Mixcloud Watch On YouTube Watch On Bitchute Soon     Several Things Going On Tomorrow: The Polish Independence March In Warsaw To Remember The Victory and Miracle Of The Vistula That […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud and Please Share It Watch The Program On YouTube Watch The Program On Bitchute #Armenia was betrayed by 5 known Masonic powers Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel, the EU, the USA The participation of Russia and Georgia in this, leads to the obvious conclusions. — Ordo Militaris Catholicus HQ (@MilitarisCath) November […]

Watch The Program On YouTube Watch On Bitchute Listen On Mixcloud If you truly watch our shows and learn from them, you know that this current election and Presidential Candidates Are Controlled Opposition, Trump: Brown Brothers Harriman, Biden: JP Morgan.  Partners In Starting The Soviet Revolution and Selecting and Bringing To Power Adolf Hitler. We […]