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Catholic Clergy Working As Nazi Spies

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We learn about one sick man who exposed what Catholic Clergy did in World War Two.

To learn more about this topic, go to A List Of Catholic Clergy Working As Nazi Spies 1932-1945

When and how did the Nazi Regime Take Power?

Who are the Waffen SS?

Now, this man full of information, who is Albert Hartl?

How and why did Catholic Clergy turn traitor to Christ and the Church and become Nazi Spies?

Can you tell the audience who are some of these names of spies?

In the end of the Papacy of Pius XI through the Papacy of Venerable Pius XII, there were spies as clergy members working in the Vatican?

What levels of the Vatican were they in?

Did they influence any major changes in the Church under Pius XII?

Was Annibale Bugnini one? I know he sure didn’t love the Church to create the awful confusion and mess used around the world called the Novous Ordo and wasn’t he appointed Secretary to the Commission for Liturgical Reform by Pius XII which changed the ancient Holy Week liturgies and Easter Vigil liturgy and revisited it with the changes seen today?

Then speak on the final OSS document on how to infiltrate the Catholic Church through the CIA by using controlled personalities, what does that mean exactly?

How does all of this connect to the problems we see and face in the Church today? How are all the members of the St Gallen’s Mafia connected and how deep does this connection from World War Two into the Cold War still reach?

Should Catholics be worried that what they are hearing at the pulpits is actually from these spies agencies to keep them programmed to not respond, to not react in wanting or ordering a true independent investigation to stop all of this that continues to this very day?

What can we do to keep spreading the truth about this infiltration to keep waking people up to this truth?

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