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We begin our next two part programs: Part One, we hear how the current Tower Of Basel was designed and what it looks like and why they chose it to be a tower. Part Two, we hear of the different situations the BIS had to handle numerous economic disasters under Jimmy Carter and what happened […]

In Part One: Bankers Who Sent People To Death, we talked about who they are, in part two, we will tell you what these desk murderers actually did for Nazi Germany and how many they sent to their death & other inhumane things they did.  This Program will be recorded on Tuesday. Watch On Rumble […]

In our next two part series, we focus on the German Bankers who were actual Desk Murderers.  Part One will be tomorrow and Part Two will be on Tuesday. In this first part we will learn about certain men who were bankers and what evil things they did.  Certain things said about them and the […]

In Part Two, we will tell you what actually happened to the German Industrialists who were charged with war crimes and how they got off and everything that happened.  Winston Churchill is not the hero we think he is, neither is America’s State Department and War Department during this time, all these evils will be […]

In this part one, we will begin to tell you how the new Masonic European Union started taking over of your nations and removing national sovereignty.  Part Two: The Rise Of The German Phoenix The two main men you will hear about is Paul G. Hoffman and his image is by Winterbergen / Anefo – Nationaal Archief […]

Here Is The Conclusion Of Part One: Why and Who Created The European Union? It is here we will learn even more about the Marshall Plan to “Restore Europe” after the Second World War, but you will learn of men who had all the Nazi Big Brass Industrialists released from Prison & Restored To Them […]

This program will be a two part program.  In Part One we will begin to help you understand who founded the European Union and begin to answer why it was created. Here Is Part Two.     Please Watch Our First Seven Programs On The Bank For International Settlements What Goes On At The Secretive […]

In this program, we finish off where we left off regarding how the nation of Czechoslovakia was silently erased without firing a shot and how any nation can face similar threats from the Bank For International Settlements. Please Watch Our First Six Programs On The Bank For International Settlements What Goes On At The Secretive […]

On Monday, we will share how Czechoslovakia came to an end without a firing of a shot. It is fascinating but horrifying the power of the Bank For International Settlements has and why we should fear it & why it needs to be shut down. Watch On Bitchute Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Please […]

Please Enjoy Br. Alexis’ Video Recording Of The Presentation Of The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, which is from the National Spanish Museum Of The Army.   You can read more about it here: The Battle Of Las Navas de Tolosa