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“The Ratzinger Code”, Italian bestseller by Andrea Cionci. EBook promotion, NOW available in English for Only $ 3.64 ⬇️ Volume One https://www.amazon.com/Ratzinger-Code…


The real Pope is Benedict XVI in an Impeded Seat Andrea Cionci The Ratzinger Code $3.64 Book Description Volume One. This first part includes the canonical issue and the Code of Communication which is widely described by Pope Benedict. The juridical institution of pope emeritus doesn’t exist and, for nine years, Benedict XVI repeats: “There can be only one pope”, but never specifies which one. In the Declaratio in which Ratzinger “resigned” in February 2013, authoritative Latinists quickly identified errors and imperfections in syntax, but Benedict XVI confirmed, in 2016: “I wrote the Declaratio in Latin in order to avoid making mistakes”. Is it possible that all these oddities originate from a cultured and unassailable theologian, not to mention a refined Latinist? And even if pope Benedict really wanted to abdicate, why would he continue to live in the Vatican, wearing a white cassock, maintaining the pontifical name and other privileges of the reigning pope? After two years of research, patiently undertaken through over 200 articles in Libero, ByoBlu, RomaIT, this enormous mosaic has been methodically and logically recompiled piece by piece. The scenario that emerges is shocking, of millennial importance and has not been denied by anyone, not even by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, who emerges as one of the greatest pontiffs in history. Through his subtle communication, “the Ratzinger Code”, that resembles the style of Jesus Christ, he reconciles us with the Logos, the logic that reveals the truth, in particular to his canonical situation. The first “participatory investigation” in history has been enriched both by courageous professionals as well as by contributions from readers.


A work intended for non-believers and the faithful alike. And for all those that love the truth. Limited Time Offer, NOW only $3.64 ⬇️ https://www.amazon.com/Ratzinger-Code…

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Publication date: September 13, 2022

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